Oh Wednesday

Hello beautiful babes!

Since this past weekend was Thanksgiving for myself & my fellow Canadians I took the time to relax and I didn’t worry about much else. Although that doesn’t meant that I forgot to fill you guys in on my previous week- so today we’re pushing Oh Sundaze to a Wednesday this week. I hope that’s okay with you 🙂

Let’s recap what I got up to last week, grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girl!

Last week was a rather rainy week so there was a lot of movies and cuddles going on in our house.

Fall has definitely made its presence and the leaves on all of the trees are beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellows. We definitely took advantage and took so scenic fall drives!

fall autumn leaves

I’m sure if you own an iPhone that you have updated your software to iOS 14. The most prominent feature of this update is the customization options for your Home Screen, I’m loving the use of widgets!

Tiktok taught me how to make my Home Screen adorable with the use of a few apps; Widgetsmith, shortcuts, motivation and Pinterest. What do you think?

iOS 14 home screen

Something that I picked up this week and am very excited to start is my first bullet journal! As I’m sure you’ve seen I’ve been getting really creative with my junk journal, and I love the idea of customizing my own planner with the same aesthetic.

I have tons of ideas and will be sure to share my monthly spreads with the blog!

This past week I finally went and got my hair done after not having done so since pre-COVID. I usually get a full head of blonde highlights and they were beyond grown out, it almost looked like a balayage. Not only was it grown out but my ends desperately needed a trim, now it feels so healthy!

This time around I decided to just do an all over colour of blonde because it’s much easier to maintain then highlights and takes a fraction of the time. I’m really happy with the way that it turned out and I think I’m going to stick with this style for a while!

new hair blonde icy

I’ve also done an update to the shop menu on the blog! It’s much easier to navigate specific categories such as home decor, fashion, my favourite amazon picks, etc.

Click the category you want to shop in and you’ll be whisked away to endless options with sale alerts for the items you love!

Nicoles niches shop menu

This past Monday was Canadian thanksgiving but we had our [non-traditional] dinner on Sunday.

Although it was different this year we still made the most of it, ordered Chinese for dinner, and finished off the night with a cozy bonfire.

Hopefully next year families will be able to get together again but given the circumstances this year was the best it could be!

That’s all she wrote my loves! I hope your week was wonderful and you had a fantastic thanksgiving!


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