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  • Oh Sundaze – 09.19.21

    Oh Sundaze – 09.19.21

    Oh hi friends. How are we halfway through September already?! This year has just flown by and I’m excited to be headed into my favourite season, however it has been way too long since we’ve sat down and had a catch up! Grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girllll.…

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  • Oh Sundaze // 07.18.21

    Oh Sundaze // 07.18.21

    Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and the weather stayed nice wherever you’re reading this from! I figured we were long over due for a catch-up and while I’m at it I owe you guys an explanation as well. Grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girllll.…

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  • Oh Sundaze

    Oh Sundaze

    Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I love waking up early this time of year – the sound of birds singing is seriously one of my favorite things in the world and I’ve been enjoying it all May long weekend. We’ve been soaking up the nice weather and getting our yard/patio together for summer. We picked up…

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  • Oh Sundaze: 05/02/21

    Oh Sundaze: 05/02/21

    Hello friends and happy Sunday! We’re officially into the first week of May, can you believe it? I don’t know if it’s because of the pandemic or what but the past 14 months have flown by almost as if they didn’t even exist. Thankfully we’ve had lots of fun & exciting things happening that help…

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  • Oh Sundaze: 04.25.21

    Oh Sundaze: 04.25.21

    Happy Sunday friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. It’s been a few since I’ve caught you up on what’s been going on over in my little corner of the universe so grab a cuppa and curl up! There’s been some celebrations and lots of DIY projects that I’m excited to share. Tristan’s 24th…

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  • Oh Sundaze: 03.04.21

    Oh Sundaze: 03.04.21

    Hi hi loves, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some of this nice weather we’re having if you’re from Southern Ontario as well! It’s been above 0° the past few days and has felt so nice to finally see more of the sun. I thought we were due for a little catch-up, so…

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  • Sundaze: 02/14/21

    Sundaze: 02/14/21

    Hellllo friends! I’d be lying if I said things have been exciting over here. Lockdown 2.0 has really gotten to all of us and the stir crazy feels are oh so real. I just want things to be normal again and some days I cope better than others with that longing. However that being said-…

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  • Sundaze // 01.24.21

    Sundaze // 01.24.21

    Hi loves! I hope you’re all doing well🤍 I’m so ready to pause, sit down with a cup of coffee, and have a chit chat with you guys. These are some of my favourite posts because it allows me to connect with y’all [and vice versa] on a more personal level. Over the past couple…

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  • Sundaze // 01.10.20

    Sundaze // 01.10.20

    Hi loves! I hope this post is finding you well. The last time we sat down and got caught up together was at the beginning of December, so we are definitely overdue for a chit chat session! Grab a cuppa and cosy up with ya girl! First things first, today is my 24th birthday! Another…

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  • 2020 Highlight Reel

    2020 Highlight Reel

    Hey friends 🙂 It’s amazing that although this year was the furthest thing from ideal when I look back there is many good things worth celebrating! Over the last 12 months there’s been at least one occurrence per month that brought some positivity and joy back into our lives, today I thought that I’d share…

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