Sundaze: 02/14/21

Hellllo friends! I’d be lying if I said things have been exciting over here. Lockdown 2.0 has really gotten to all of us and the stir crazy feels are oh so real. I just want things to be normal again and some days I cope better than others with that longing. However that being said- there was some good things that went down in the past few weeks since we’ve last caught up that are worth mentioning. Grab a cuppa & curl up hunnies🤍

coffee talks 
catching up

I officially hit 1k on IG! I know numbers aren’t everything but it really does feel good that my consistency and effort behind my content are being noticed and appreciated! Instagram is definitely one of my favourite social media platforms- I can spend hours and hours scrolling my feed, watching stories, and interacting with my followers. If we aren’t friends on instagram yet definitely leave your handle in the comments.

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Lately I’ve gotten back into reading and I finished the sixth book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I really enjoyed this installation in the series and found it comforting during the chaos of the pandemic reading about the routine, everyday life on the ridge. I’m definitely ordering the seventh book because I intend to see this series through! Are any of my readers fellow outlander fans?

For the past week we’ve had to deal with a series of events with our washing machine. First it started leaking subtly and then it gradually got worse to the point that we just couldn’t use it anymore and risk more damage. Luckily our landlord is great and was on top of the issue right away- resulting in a brand new washer and dryer! We are so excited about it. Does this officially make us adults?

Speaking of being excited about adult things, I invested in the best deep cleaning vacuum ever. With two dogs and a cat you can imagine that things can get messy from time to time, especially in our bedroom which is the only carpeted room in the house. I bought a handheld bissell pet spot cleaner and it was great but I found that the battery just doesn’t last long enough and it took a ton of muscle power to scrub the stains. A quick look on Amazon and I came across the Hoover Pet Pro Vacuum which gives you professional cleaning power in the convenient size of an average vacuum!

Feeding my reality TV addiction, I started watching Ex on the beach and I can honestly say the drama is real. It’s so entertaining and will definitely keep you on your toes because you don’t know when someone is going to pop off. We’ve also been rewatching a lot of Teen Mom 2 which I just heard was also released on Netflix, how exciting!

Don’t think that I forgot today is Valentine’s Day! We are spending a cosy yet romantic night at home with some yummy take out food, lots of sweets, and lots of love🤍

What have you been up to lately?



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