Obsessed: vintage furniture

Lately I’ve been loving on vintage furniture and the character that it brings into a space. It creates a lived-in feel without having to sacrifice space for functionality and is super easy to up-cycle! Check out your local thrift shops and consignment stores for vintage furniture at a reasonable price — if you’re willing to spend a little bit more then head to an antique shop or market. Garage sales are also another great source for vintage furniture at a great price and typically you can negotiate the sale! Today I’m bringing you some vintage inspiration with beautiful furniture pieces and how to incorporate each one into your home.


Vintage Card Catalog

Card catalogs were used a ton in library’s back in the early 1900’s — it contained cards on every book that the library system owned. They range in size and styles and you can find an abundance of up-cycle inspo for this specific furniture item on Pinterest.

vintage: 4-drawer oak card catalog, 20-drawer library card catalog [only one available]

new: oxford two drawer console table, pink painted 36-drawer cabinet

Hoosier Cabinet

This was the cabinet every women wanted in their home during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It revolutionized the kitchen to resemble something of what we know now, with beautiful built in cabinetry.

antique: oak Hoosier style cabinet


Vintage wooden wardrobe for linens

No linen closet? No problem, vintage wardrobes have got you covered.

vintage: Falster wardrobe, antique armoire wardrobe, European painted wardrobe

new: wood & metal wardrobe, handcrafted solid teak wood wardrobe

Antique bookcase with sliding glass panes

I can think of so many different things that you could do with this bookcase — in my house it would probably be used to house my plants but I think it would virtually work in any room!

vintage: mid-century modern walnut glass front bookcases, 19th century walnut bookcase

new: heirloom storage cabinet


Vintage Hutch

I love the weathered look of this hutch, it truly looks like a classic vintage farmhouse find.

vintage: vintage solid hutch, vintage large standing cabinet in green [only one available]

new: classic Cadiz hutch

Antique China cabinet

Formally to store China and dishes, now used to store just about anything! There’s many different styles and unique variations of these gorgeous cabinets so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your aesthetic.

vintage: walnut dining room China cabinet

new: mahogany grey China cabinet

Older pieces have a way of livening up any home giving it that lived in cosy feel, and many tend to be made with the kind of oldschool craftmanship you just can’t find anymore with mass production!

Do you have any vintage finds in your home?



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