Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List

Hey hey everyone! It’s officially the weekend and I hope that you’re looking forward to whatever relaxing you’ve got going on or plans that you’re excited about.

If you’re anything like me regardless of having plans or nothing on the schedule, I always make time for relaxing which for me typically looks like snuggling on the couch with my girls and putting on a good movie or tv show. There are tons of ways that you can wind down, block out the world, and just have a little ‘me’ time. Among getting lost in a really good show or movie I also like to read [articles, books, blogs] and you all know how much I love a funny, light podcast!

This is your weekly collection of things to get lost in. To take you mind away from your anxieties. To really take time, pause, and do something you love to do.

Things you should read

Lately I’ve been more inclined to pick up a self-help book than I have been to dive into a fictional story. I’m going through a transitional time and growth is everything that I’m focusing on right now, so when my Fiancée ordered the book The Quarter Life Breakthrough I totally swiped it before she even got a chance to crack it open.

This book spoke to me because it is quite literally all about taking chances and growth, but more importantly it’s about taking chances when it comes to your career. Say goodbye to the old fashioned “climbing the corporate ladder” mindset, The Quarter Life Breakthrough explains a much more profound and logical pathway.

Things you should watch

I can’t even explain my excitement to you when I realized that Netflix had finally released the eleventh season of Modern Family. If you haven’t seen this award winning sitcom… run, don’t walk to your tv and put it on immediately.

For the time period that it began filming this show was so progressive in terms of diversity, inclusion, and family dynamics but all in an extremely lighthearted and hilarious way. The show is such an easy watch because the episodes are about 20-25 minutes long and the storyline isn’t so deep or complicated that you wouldn’t be able to follow along mid-season- although Netflix has ’em all!

You’ll fall in love with the characters and trust me you’ll be needing tissues by the end of the eleventh season! If you’re anything like me and get attached to the characters you won’t want it to end.

Things you should listen to

Its been a while since I updated you on the podcasts that I’ve been enjoying lately and since the last update I’ve discovered a few favourites but you’ll need all weekend [and more] to catch up on The Morning Toast. There are tons of episodes because they record and release a podcast everyday Mon-Fri!

My guilty pleasure [one of many] is catching up on celebrity gossip, mix that in with two stellar personalities and some funny life stories/moments and I’m hooked. Which if you haven’t already assumed is exactly what The Morning Toast is.

The coolest thing about this podcast is that they broadcast the taping live on Youtube! So if you’re more of a visual person and you want to put a face to the voice you’re hearing you can always tune into that platform as well.

That’s all she wrote loves! I hope you have a fantastic weekend & remember to cut out some time that’s just for you!


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