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  • Major Area Rug Sale

    Major Area Rug Sale

    Area rugs cosy up a space- no doubt, however they can be really pricey for something that is high quality and will truly stand the test of time. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, brands are showing the love in way of sales and y’all know I can’t resist the lure of home decor let alone…

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  • Keeping Your Home Organized in 2021

    Keeping Your Home Organized in 2021

    This year is the year of consistency and organization and so far it’s been going really well for this girl! This is the first time ever that I’ve stuck to a New Years resolution [hence the need to work on my consistency] and it’s been honestly life changing when it comes to the blog and…

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  • Are You a Plant Murderer?

    Are You a Plant Murderer?

    We all love the look of pretty plants around the house, probably because bringing nature indoors is almost an instinct, if you ask me. Even though large lush plants are what we all want to achieve, having a green thumb doesn’t come easily and as I’ve learned over the past year is a huge learning…

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  • Loving lately— Sagebrook Home

    Loving lately— Sagebrook Home

    You know we’re all about decor at Cosy Culture Co because it truly is the pièce de résistance in making a house into a home. You can say so much with the accents you place around you home and there are endless directions you can take the styling. If you’ve been around this space long…

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  • DIY Boho Herringbone Wall Pattern

    DIY Boho Herringbone Wall Pattern

    Hey everyone! I hope you’re all keeping busy during quarantine, whether that be binging Netflix or completing some projects that you didn’t have the time to do before. I know for me quarantine has looked like a mixture of both. Today’s post is super exciting because not only is it a reveal but it’s also…

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  • Popular Home Decor Trends

    Popular Home Decor Trends

    Since moving into a new house this past February, all I’ve been thinking about is home decor. I have been obsessed with finding the trendiest items that I can utilize while currently living here but also take with me when my girlfriend and I get our own place. My room is really coming along, and…

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