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  • Sundaze // 12.13.20

    Hiii loves! I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend and have rested and recharged for the week ahead! It’s been way too long since I’ve sat down and updated you with a chatty post about what’s new with me and let me just tell you it’s been very busy in this household. There’s been some…

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  • Out with the Old, In with the New

    Hey hey everyone! I am thrilled to finally be able to bring you this good news. Over the past few months I’ve really felt a shift within my brand and my blog. Unfortunately Nicole’s Niches just isn’t sitting right with the direction of aesthetic the blog has taken, and after much deliberation [with myself] I…

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  • Sundaze // 11.15.20

    Hey hey friends! How crazy is it that we’re already into the third week of November?! Holiday season is seriously creeping up and I’ve been so occupied over the past two weeks creating new items for the Etsy shop to fill your stockings! I’m super excited about growing my small business and if you were…

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  • Oh Wednesday

    Oh Wednesday

    Hello beautiful babes! Since this past weekend was Thanksgiving for myself & my fellow Canadians I took the time to relax and I didn’t worry about much else. Although that doesn’t meant that I forgot to fill you guys in on my previous week- so today we’re pushing Oh Sundaze to a Wednesday this week.…

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  • Sundaze // 10.04.20

    Sundaze // 10.04.20

    Happy Sunday my lovely friends! I hope that you all had a fantastic week and are enjoying the autumn weather. This past week has truly been a busy one, but you know what they say; being busy makes the time go by fast. It feels like this week was so short although I managed to…

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  • Oh Mondaze

    Oh Mondaze

    Hi niche babes! Happy Fall! This past week has been great just based on the fact that the weather is changing and with it the colours of the leaves on the trees. It was pretty much sweater weather all week, I was definitely in my element. Last weekend [if you happened to miss the blog…

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  • The One Where We Got Engaged

    The One Where We Got Engaged

    …I said I yes! Yesterday was the most magical day and was more perfect than I could even begin to put into words. I was so surprised and didn’t expect it at all! Tristan had planned a photo session for us in a gorgeous sunflower field and she planned it so the photos would be…

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  • Oh Sundaze

    Oh Sundaze

    This past week was on the slower end of things, I had work all week and we didn’t end up doing much in-between but sometimes that’s what we need- to just slow down and not do a single thing we don’t have to do. Am I right?

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  • Coffee Convos: quarantine style

    Coffee Convos: quarantine style

    Hi loves! I hope you’re all keeping well and keeping busy while trapped in quarantine! It’s definitely been a change of pace [for myself included] and it’s honestly been nice to see the world slow down for a few weeks, despite the circumstances. I thought that this was perfect time for a coffee convo catch-up,…

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  • Coffee Convos: update on the daily chaos

    Coffee Convos: update on the daily chaos

    Helllllo everyone! I hope this post is finding you well, and that you’re all doing lovely. If you’re new here I’m Nicole and Coffee Convos is where you’ll find all my ramblings, thoughts, and updates on whats been going on in this crazy life of mine- its basically unscripted, if you will. For those of…

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