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  • DIY Boho Herringbone Wall Pattern

    DIY Boho Herringbone Wall Pattern

    Hey everyone! I hope you’re all keeping busy during quarantine, whether that be binging Netflix or completing some projects that you didn’t have the time to do before. I know for me quarantine has looked like a mixture of both. Today’s post is super exciting because not only is it a reveal but it’s also…

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  • Coffee Convos: quarantine style

    Coffee Convos: quarantine style

    Hi loves! I hope you’re all keeping well and keeping busy while trapped in quarantine! It’s definitely been a change of pace [for myself included] and it’s honestly been nice to see the world slow down for a few weeks, despite the circumstances. I thought that this was perfect time for a coffee convo catch-up,…

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  • March Favourites

    March Favourites

    The second week of March is when I was told that it was unsafe for me to work due to the pandemic and spreading of COVID-19. Naturally given all the time that I’ve had on my hands I’ve been indulging in great shows, movies, food, and spending lots of time organizing and decorating! So get…

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  • Bucket List: The June Motel

    Bucket List: The June Motel

    If you have been searching for the cutest boho, vintage themed place to stay on your vacation to Ontario, Canada you are going to be so excited about The June Motel. I added this little gem to my bucket list the moment I spotted it on Instagram, how could you not fall in love with this…

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