What’s on my Amazon Wish List

Hi friends! Today we’re taking a dive into my Amazon wish-list and I’m so excited! There’s some really cute finds hidden away in there.

For no rhyme or reason these things have ended up on my wish-list purely because they’re wants and not needs. Let’s get into it!

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1. Wool base-ball hat

How cute is this baseball hat?? Perfect for the winter months!

2. Fleece belt bag

Dead look-a-like for the Lululemon fleece belt bag.

3.Large Sherpa purse

Continuing on with the Sherpa trend, this large tote is so cute and practical!

4. Reading light

This reading light is so cool and so discreet that you can use it while in bed and it won’t disturb your partner.

5. Disco ball hanging planter

I am in love with this disco ball planter. It will light up whatever room you choose to put it in and creates an amazing accent piece.

6. Tree bookshelf

Love this take on a creative bookshelf that not many people will have. Super modern.

7. Pet air purifier

This is just a no-brainer if you have pets!

8. Jewel hair remover

Dying to try this at home DIY hair removal tool.

9. Electric smart kettle

First of all, how sleek and sophisticated is this kettle?! Secondly- anything that’s smart, sign me up.

10. Insulated tumbler

Although I have a plethora of tumblers, this one is adorable and I would love to add it to my collection.

11. Large heating pad

This looks like heaven. A heating pad that hugs you? Yes please.

12. Modern dish rack

Give me all the modern pieces!

13. Velvet hangers

I’ve been eyeing these hangers for so long and have yet to pull the trigger. Partly because T doesn’t really like them but they save space so I’m still trying to convince her!

14. Motion sensored lights

These light strips are very discreet for under the kitchen cabinets or along the baseboards. They’re rechargeable and Bluetooth!

15. Smart deadbolt lock

Right now we have one of those locks that has a keypad, which is great. However this would be a seriously cool upgrade! Fingerprint technology, sync’s with your phone, and can be unlocked with access cards! A dream.

That’s it for my Amazon wish list round-up! Let me know if you enjoyed this post and want to see more in the future!

Talk soon xx

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