Fall 2022’s ‘bikercore’ trend

Taking a page right out of Kourt Kardash’s handbook– this fall seasons aesthetic is revved-up vegan leather mixed with Y2K throwback pieces meets a little bit femme.

Let’s talk about the essentials and how force meets femininity:

Biker jacket women outfit idea

The classic moto “leather” jacket— it’s cool, effortless and classic enough to wear for years on end, season after season. It can even start to look better with age, just like your beautiful soul;)

*leather in quotations because we don’t support the use of animals in fashion, no ma’am!

More “leather”— biker fashion’s must-have material is leather whether that’s strapless dresses for cocktail hour or moto-ready pants and jackets (keep it cute though and choose vegan leather plssss)

Chunky zipper details— it’s all in the details and nothing screams biker babe meets Y2K more than a chunked out zipper

Oversized chunky boots— think Doc Martins or these Marc Jacobs Chelsea boots

Staple pieces

I’ve rounded up some great staple pieces to create multiple different bad bitch biker girl outfits/vibes. I love a good quality staple item that can be worn a ton of different ways with an array of outfits! Definitely makes me feel good about the investment, which to most of us, our clothing is these days.

That’s why it’s important to me to find pieces that will last multiple seasons and can be repeated in many outfits. Cost per wear, my friends.

1. Vegan Leather Moto Jacket / A&F / $192.93

2. Floaty Sheer Mini Dress / A&F / $127.33

3. Ultra High Rise Slim Straight Jean / A&F / $141.48

4. Vegan Leather 90s Straight Pants / A&F / $174.92

5. Checkered Slim Scoopneck Tank / A&F / $70.74


I’m also obsessing over this mini skirt and biker jacket from H&M which come at a lower price point!

The biker girl trend

What do you think about this trend going into fall 2022? Are you gonna embrace it or hard pass? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon xx

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