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I Bought This Viral 5-Star Sweatshirt- and got scammed

One Nirvana sweatshirt $89 – the piling comes free of charge.

Y’all I have never been so disappointed when receiving a product that I was so hyped about.

I’m sure you’ve seen this sweater on at least one of the many major social media platforms. Before you waste your money like I did, here’s some things you need to know.

She looks so cozy and cute, right?! That was the goal. I imagined an oversized thick soft cozy crewneck- much like my favourite one from Brunette the Label, which is the same price. I assumed it would be the same quality as BTL since I was paying the same amount (over $100 Canadian with shipping and taxes) but somehow I feel like I’ve been duped.

Beyond the price, Urban Outfitters is known to have a reputable reputation which is why I was utterly shocked that they would even sell such a terrible product.

the piling is insane
this is straight out of the packaging

The quality can only be described as the thinnest, scratchiest, cheapest feeling Guildan sweater you’ve ever worn. It wasn’t soft or cozy, it was the exact opposite.

The colour was extremely off based on the photos of the model. She looks like she’s wearing a sweater that’s a soft baby pink and that’s definitely not what I got. What I received was more of a fuchsia hot pink.

At first glance the reviews look very promising, unfortunately the numbers are extremely skewed. The amount of people giving the sweater a five star rating simply requesting the restock of this item definitely throws the numbers off. This makes it seem as though 93% of people actually do recommend the product- while the real reviews get buried.

I thought that maybe I was just being silly and I got the one made on a Friday right before 5 o’clock. However, after filtering through the reviews my suspicions were further confirmed.

Here’s what some other people had to say about this sweater.

The quality

The colour

Legitimate complaints about the product being falsely advertised.

The staining of your entire life

The piling

Needless to say I returned the sweater because, like many others, I feel duped, scammed, and genuinely confused.

Urban Outfitters, you have some explaining to do. Sincerely- all of us who have been victimized and died pink by this piling monstrosity.

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One response to “I Bought This Viral 5-Star Sweatshirt- and got scammed”

  1. I’ve always stayed away from buying clothes online because the actual product never seems to match what is advertised. Every time the product doesn’t fit right or there’s something wrong with it. $100 CAD is an insane amount to pay for a shirt. Thanks for warning us about this shirt – is there any way to return it? A no return policy is another red flag for shady business.

    I was scammed on Facebook a few years ago where I paid $30 for a 90’s tamagotchi which was anything but. I ended up getting my money back and donated the toy instead. Now I have a very hard time believing what I see on the internet. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!


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