Oh Sundaze // 07.18.21

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and the weather stayed nice wherever you’re reading this from! I figured we were long over due for a catch-up and while I’m at it I owe you guys an explanation as well. Grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girllll.

Over the past two weeks I haven’t really been posting on my regular scheduled dates because I’ve honestly lacked the motivation & inspiration. I told myself this summer will be “slow” by choice. I plan to spend the next two months living and working at a slower pace, writing and creating when I feel inspired, but ultimately listening to my body and resting/ relaxing when I need to.


I’ve explained in this post the ways that I’ve been slowly but surely improving my mental health and changing bad habits. I think that taking this summer slow really plays into that process and hopefully I’ll be able to carry forward what I learn into my everyday life even once summer has faded. So with that being said – I’m still here! Just takin’ it a little slower these days.


You all should know our baby Penny by now. She’s a red Boston terrier and we just love her so!

Penny the red Boston terrier

Our plan was to get her fixed ASAP like we did with our other animals however covid (and the universe) ultimately had a different plan. Since everything was forced to shut down the backlog it caused for the procedure was astronomical and after a ton of research we’ve decided we are going to breed her within the next few months!

Tristan grew up alongside her Grandpa raising and breeding huskeys so she’s extremely passionate about doing this and we couldn’t be more excited for puppies!!

school update

In my last oh Sundaze post I told you guys that I took a huge leap and enrolled in the real estate program through Humber College. It’s been going really well so far although it is a ton of information to get through, my brain has been tired lol. I’m happy to let you all know that I passed my first exam (one of four) and I’m not onto the next step in the learning process!

I’m so excited to launch myself into this new career with an amazing established team to support me. I’ve managed to sign on with a brokerage and this past Wednesday we had a ‘new’ agent team meeting and I both loved & soaked up every minute of it. I’ve never been apart of a team of people so warm, welcoming, and ready to help with anything and everything they can – and when I thought I was briefly in the past I got royally fucked over. And on that note – onto bigger and better things!

Team zoom meetings

date night at the drive-in

Things are finally starting to return to normal and restrictions are being lifted here in Ontario so of course we took advantage and went to the drive-in movie theatre! It was such a fun night, we made a little bed in the back of Tristan’s hatchback, added some fairy lights, loaded up on snacks, and watched two amazing movies.

We saw Black Widow, which as a huge marvel fan was highly anticipated, and Cruella. Both were phenomenal and I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried, however I have to give it to Emma Stone for her portrayal of Cruella – she fucking killed it and the level of talent… I can’t even.

I also made a cute little Tiktok of our date night if you wanna check it out HERE 🙂

Date night at the drive-in movie theatre

severe weather

This past week there was a devastating tornado that passed through the south end of my town and destroyed multiple homes. We were very lucky to not be effected nor have any loved ones effected however it was still a traumatic event and our hearts go out to those who were.

In our end we just got extreme showers and thundering/lighting, with a little bit of wind but nothing we haven’t ever seen before. No one expected it but so far there have been no fatalities and our community has come together to support the families without a home right now. It’s beautiful to see the outpouring love and donations! #BarrieStrong

joined the Apple Watch club

I’m not someone who jumps in line to get the latest tech releases, generally using what I have until it breaks – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Although Apple watches have been around for what seems like forever now [how did we live without them before??] I’ve never had the privilege of owning one… until now!

My amazing MIL was gifted a new series six and she was kind enough to pass her series four down to me! I’m still getting the hang of it and figuring out the nifty things I can do with it but so far I absolutely am obsessed! I can’t wait to buy some cute bands, send me your suggestions!


currently reading

A few weeks ago I updated y’all on my progress with the Goodreads 2021 reading challenge and since then I’ve picked up the seventh book in the Outlander series: an echo in the bone. So far I’m loving it! This will be book 6 out of the 10 I’ve challenged myself to read this year.

An echo in the bone by Diana

Okay y’all – I’m sure I’ve occupied enough of your precious time this evening! Thanks for catching up with me and keep your eyes open for a brand new Monday moodboard post going live tomorrow 🙂

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