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Oh Sundaze

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! I love waking up early this time of year – the sound of birds singing is seriously one of my favorite things in the world and I’ve been enjoying it all May long weekend. We’ve been soaking up the nice weather and getting our yard/patio together for summer. We picked up some gorgeous purple flowers to put in the garden, a huge lush fern [that we’ve named side show bob] and a gorgeous hanging assortment. Other than our weekend happenings I thought it was time for another catch-up cause some exciting stuff is happening over here in my corner of the world! Grab a cuppa and curl up for a catch up with ya girllll.

I’m officially a student again! I’ve started the pre-registration portion of the Real Estate Agent certification and it’s been so interesting to learn the language of the real estate world & it’s inner workings. I have such high hopes for this career change and I feel like I’ve finally found my calling [for this season in my life] and my people. I’ve already been recruited to a very reputable brokerage which I’m so grateful for – it feels as though the opportunities within this career are right at my grasp. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m a total nut when it comes to design.

we got vaccinated!

I am so excited to announce that I am officially a half-vax! I got my first dose of the covid-19 vaccination and I’m so happy that it feels like we’re one step closer to returning to a normalcy. I won’t lie and say that I did a ton of research into the shot that I got [Pfizer] because frankly I just felt lucky to be getting any type of vaccination against this virus however I will share my experience with y’all!

We arrived at the vaccination clinic and everyone we encountered was very nice and informative. The process was easy and just required us to sign in and verify our identity. From there we were ushered to wait for the nurse who again was very sweet and informative and would be administering the shot. I have been getting my flu shot for years now so I was [somewhat] prepared for what the actual needle would feel like and it was similar for sure. As for side effects I will say my arm was wicked sore by 7pm and I felt very tired – otherwise I felt great!


  1. Try not to tense your arm while getting the needle – ask your nurse to prepare you with a deep breath before the administration
  2. Apply heat to the area post-vaccine to help get everything moving
  3. Take a nice hot shower the day after, this seemed to really help and got rid of the remainder of pain I felt

Instead of rewatching old comfy shows we’ve been diving into new series because still being in lockdown let’s face it; there’s not much else to do. We finished all eleven seasons of Shameless and also the first season of Ginny & Georgia. Both are phenomenal shows and I highly recommend! Ginny & Georgia was just renewed for a second season, thank gawd because they left it on a cliff hanger as per Netflix usually does.

I’ve also finished The Birth House by Ami McKay and I loved it, 4/5 stars for sure. Now I’m onto Little Fires Everywhere and although I’ve already watched the TV series I can confidently say I’m enjoying the book a lot more!

Other than that it’s been the same ‘ole around here but I’d love to see what you guys have been up to! Stay happy my loves.

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  1. Awesome! it is such a relief to begin the vaccination process, isn’t it! I just completed mine a couple of weeks ago, and just a warning your arm might get quite sore…but it doesn’t last too long. It’s totally worth it.

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