Oh Sundaze: 05/02/21

Hello friends and happy Sunday! We’re officially into the first week of May, can you believe it? I don’t know if it’s because of the pandemic or what but the past 14 months have flown by almost as if they didn’t even exist. Thankfully we’ve had lots of fun & exciting things happening that help to balance out the pandemic blues while giving us something to look forward to as well. This catch-up is special because y’all get to meet the newest addition to our family!!

This is Frankie!

We got another kitten! He is the sweetest little boy and just wants to be cuddled and loved on 24/7. He is named after Francis Gallagher [if you know then you know] and we think Frankie for short fits his little personality perfectly. The dogs are really taking to him and Beanie is happy he finally has a feline friend. We can’t get enough of his adorable face which I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of on my IG stories!

Like I mentioned in this weeks loved list the majority of the week has been super rainy so we’ve been curled up & cozied up inside and the animals have been loving all the snuggle time.


When it did stop raining I managed to cut some wood and put together a little DIY project. If you read last weeks catch-up you’ll remember me talking about wanting to build a console table for our front door and while I definitely did attempt to do just that it failed hardcore. My cuts didn’t line up so it ended up crooked and long story short I took it all apart, salvaged the wood & used it to cover the pre-existing cube shelf minus the pieces for the cubes [I just took out the pieces I didn’t want]. I’m not mad about how it turned out.

I also mentioned last week that I found a couple logs around my yard that I want to repurpose and I’m here to report I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with them.


plans for our master bedroom:

Tristan & I have lived in our apartment for over a year now and although we’ve put a lot of love and decor into a majority of the rooms we seem to have neglected our own bedroom! Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of immediate upgrades.

Hopefully we can start to focus on our bedroom design over the next couple weeks – it’ll definitely be a slow but steady kinda makeover with one thing at a time due to the pandemic. Nonetheless keep an eye out for some dedicated posts coming up all about our master bedroom revamp! I’m excited to turn the space into something cosy & serene as opposed to somewhere we just rest our heads at night.

What’s been up with you guys? Any home projects on the go?


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