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At Home Lash Extensions with Falscara

I love a long lash that adds just the right amount of volume and before lash extensions became a thing, strip lashes were my go to and still were even after because of the cheap price tag. I still haven’t been able to fall off my high horse and spend $100 for a classic set of lash extensions so over the past two years I’ve done some experimenting and I finally found a product I can attest to. Here’s what you need to get gorgeous faux lash extensions right at home that won’t break the bank and look just as flawless!


Kiss Faslcara Lash System

For $30 you get the lash kit which includes a set of wisps, the bond & seal formulas, and the application tweezers. The lashes that are included in the starter kit are great but they don’t vary in size so I suggest picking up a separate pack of wisps that offer length options.

this is an extra pack of wisps that I bought in different lengths so I could create a tapered look

Last year I experimented with the Ardell permanent lash kit and while I loved it at first because the longevity was great, ultimately it was super damaging and I lost a lot of my natural eyelashes. The glue was amazing until you tried to remove the lashes, even with the remover provided in the lash kit I still had a really hard time. Not only was it damaging but the application process took a lot longer because the wisps are individual as opposed to a strip.

The bond used in the falscara kit is a completely different formula and is very gentle on my natural lashes. You apply it just like you would apply your regular mascara so trust me – there’s no way you can mess it up. The seal helps to lock in the lashes and remove any sticky residue although I haven’t noticed a huge difference when I don’t include this step.

These application tweezers are the handiest little things – so sturdy and the shape allows you to get the perfect placement!


Tips & tricks

Here’s some things that I learned along the way that helped me solidify the application process – it’s definitely a learning curve if you’re used to traditional strip lashes because these wisps actually go under your lash line. Don’t let that freak you out though like it did me for the longest time, it’s actually 10x easier to apply believe it or not!

Wisps: like I said earlier, the starter kit only comes with one set of lashes and they aren’t tapered/different lengths, so if you like a more natural look definitely pick up an extra pack – Kiss also sells the wisps in a pack individually.

Bond: think of applying the bond as you would apply mascara, a little bit goes a long way and if you use too much your lashes will start to clump together and create a big mess, leaving the lashes feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

Seal: I don’t see an improvement or difference on the longevity of my lashes when I finish off the application by sealing the wisps, however it does help to remove any sticky residue left over from the bond if you happen to use more then you should.


Overnighter: the overnighter formula is meant to promote the longevity of your lashes [for up to 10 days] by acting as an adhesive eyeliner. I gave this several tries and am sad to report that it just isn’t worth the money – it’s so hard to apply without getting it on the wisps which then makes them clump together and ruins the whole look.

Easy application:

1. Start with prepping your lashes by removing the wisps you’ll be using from the packaging, placing them within reach. This way you don’t have to fuss with the lashes being stuck to the packaging when it comes time to apply.

2. Start to apply the bond & wisps to the outer corner of the eye being sure to work in small sections towards the inner corner of the eye. Remember to place the wisps underneath your lash line and slightly away from your waterline.


I’ve seen some instances of people applying more bond after the lashes are placed and I urge you to not do this. The bond is no joke, it’s seriously sticky so when applied correctly I get 3-4 days out of a set. You can imagine the sticky, messy, tacky disaster it l makes if you use the bond like a mascara on the lashes after application – it’s a sure fire way to guarantee a residue, clumps and unhappy results.

3. I like to use multiple different wisp lengths to create the most natural look & I start with medium for the outer corner of my eye followed by long for the middle and ending with small for the inner corner.

4. If I do use the seal formula I dab it slightly on the bands of the wisps and call it a day! Some people have said in reviews that if you use the seal on the full length of the lashes that it leaves a white residue however I’ve never applied it like that so I can’t say whether those incidents are one-offs.


And there you have it! Flawless lash extensions that you can easily do at home for under $50. It’s that simple and that easy.


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