Oh Sundaze: 04.25.21

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. It’s been a few since I’ve caught you up on what’s been going on over in my little corner of the universe so grab a cuppa and curl up! There’s been some celebrations and lots of DIY projects that I’m excited to share.

Tristan’s 24th birthday was this past Thursday and we celebrated on the day and on Saturday – she’s a lucky girl. On Wednesday night I stayed up to decorate for her and I pretty much did all the decorations myself using cardboard, paint, some craft paper, card stock and my cricut maker [all things I already had in my arsenal of supplies].

On Saturday Tristan’s Mom brought over this gorgeous double chocolate cake with buttercream icing and it was heavenly. We all enjoyed more than one piece – if that wasn’t already obvious lol.


There’s been some major DIY inspiration happening over here and I have a couple projects on the go. To start I’ve collected a handful of tree stumps/logs that I’m honestly not quite sure what to do with yet but I’m thinking something along the lines of an outdoor table.

The console table that we currently have I loath entirely so a quick scroll on Pinterest made me realize I could easily make my own with pieces of scrap wood I already have. I’m about half way done because the weather keeps delaying my progress but stay posted for a full post on what steps I took to build it and how you can do the same!

The inspiration


Ontario is still under a stay-at-home order so there’s not a ton to do but thankfully the greenhouses are still open and it’s nice to at least get out of the house & have a change of scenery. We picked up some grass seed to fill in some of the patchy spots in our yard but other than that they didn’t have much out yet. I did manage to find this super cute ivy wall that made the perfect backdrop for a photo!

We’re still steaming Shameless on Netflix and now we’re into season nine. With two more seasons to go I will admit that the show has started to slow down with the storylines of each character doing their own thing as opposed to being together as the Gallagher clan we know and love. Despite this I still really enjoy it and am excited to see it to the end.

I recently finished reading home body by Rupi Kaur which is the third book in her poetry series and I loved it just as much as her first two instalments. This book solidified the fact that everything I need to be successful & happy is already within me – where I am is where I’m meant to be. I’m not sure what I’m gonna read next because I have way too many books on my shelf waiting to be read but I’m thinking The Birth House by Amy McKay.


This past week I discovered my new favourite beauty product, the Kiss Falscara lash kit system. They’re salon quality lashes that you can do from home and also dupe as eyelash extensions! I love them so much I don’t think it’ll ever wear mascara again. Look out for a full review and how to to use these gorgeous lashes coming atcha this Tuesday!

That’s all I have for you this week my loves! Let me know what you’ve all been up to in the comment section!



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