Oh Sundaze: 03.04.21

Hi hi loves, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some of this nice weather we’re having if you’re from Southern Ontario as well! It’s been above 0° the past few days and has felt so nice to finally see more of the sun.

I thought we were due for a little catch-up, so grab a warm cuppa and curl up with ya girl🤍

coffee with a cozy blanket

We’ve been a very productive household lately— with Tristan switching positions within her company, Nate doing his school online, and me decluttering and doing a deep cleanse through all of our belongings. It has felt so good to downsize, donate, and sell in order to consolidate and organize in a way that makes sense [at least in my mind]. Last week I bought this practical and affordable shelving unit, although it isn’t the most attractive it works great for storage in small spaces — in my case, one of our closets that also houses the furnace.

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This week [on April 1st] it was announced by the Ontario government that we are yet again going into grey area restricted lockdown. The cases over here have gotten more severe and we’re now seeing it impact young people which is pretty scary. I’m so ready for this whole pandemic to be through and be nothing but a distant memory, but atlas until it is over I will be practicing the mandated rules because that’s how we’ll beat this thing. Mask up and keep your distance gals!

One huge highlight I’m proud of that manifested over the past few weeks is the growth of this blog! We’ve hit another milestone and have officially surpassed 700 followers here on WP. This space has really been a beacon of light through the hardships of the past year and has truly become my safe space — for that I have all of you to thank! This is the year of consistency and I’ve been sticking to my resolution to quit ghosting you guys [always random and never on purpose] and get on a proper blogging schedule. It’s been fruitful in more ways than one but the most important is how I’ve seen it impact other aspects of my life — being organized and having a schedule brings structure and my mental health loves structure.


We started a highly raved about show on Netflix called Shameless and as of right now we’re four seasons deep. This show you guys.. I always find myself saying “okayyyy it can’t get any crazier, there’s no possible way” and then it does — the chaos never stops. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, make you laugh and cry, and give you top notch entertainment for eleven seasons!

This past week I’ve been having trouble sleeping and I find myself waking up throughout the night several times. Either stress has gotten to me and I need to reground myself or my body just hates me, lol. In an effort to gain a full-nights rest I’ve started using my essential oil diffuser every night with a couple drops of lavender oil! I keep my diffuser right beside my bed and it helps me relax when I just can’t seem to shut my brain off.


Oh and yesterday I definitely dropped a piece of wood on my foot rearranging the shelves in our garbage room. I don’t know what damage I did but I can tell ya it really friggen hurts and it’s my driving foot — how lovely. Send me healing vibes y’all!

That’s it for this update, like I said just been busy around the house and now because of lockdown 3.0 nothing exciting can be planned for spring/summer as of yet. Fingers double crossed that we’ll have a somewhat normal summer this year!

What have you guys been up to and loving lately? Do you have the spring cleaning fever like I do? Let me know in the comments!

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