Designer-inspired Affordable Sunglasses for Summer

Arguably the most popular accessory for summer and in my case an essential on super sunny days — sunglasses are one of my favourite items. There was a time that I had way too many pairs and since this year I’ve been focusing on quality not quantity I’ve narrowed my sunny collection down to two or three pairs. Don’t confuse quality with expensive though, you can find extremely reasonably priced sunnies that feel and look designer! Let’s round them up — I’ve included every imaginable style so I guarantee you’ll find something that suits your needs.


Under $15

1/ Leopard print cat eye sunnies for $9.49

2/ These Vogue dupe’s are only $9.99

3/ Oversized round sunnies with mirrored lenses for $9.99

4/ Vintage retro round horn rimmed for $10.57

5/ Rimless oversized sunnies for $10.65

6/ This Retro square shaped cat eye is a unique twist to the classic cat eye shape and are only $14.98

Under $25

7/ Rayban dupe’s for $15.06

8/ Another Rayban dupe in the hexagon shape for $15.69

9/ The GOAT aviators for $24.98

Under $50

10/ These Cat eye sunnies in pink are $33.99

11/ Mattinas polarized sunglasses coming in at $34

12/ Last but not least these Polarized sunglasses for $36.86

Sunglasses for summer

What style are you drawn to? You know what they say — give a girl the right sunglasses and she can conquer the world, especially when they look designer but cost a fraction less.

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