Are You a Plant Murderer?

We all love the look of pretty plants around the house, probably because bringing nature indoors is almost an instinct, if you ask me. Even though large lush plants are what we all want to achieve, having a green thumb doesn’t come easily and as I’ve learned over the past year is a huge learning curve! I would be lying if I said that having house plants isn’t a chore or something that takes up a significant amount of time if you’re caring for them properly. Not everyone has the patience or minutes in a day to spare and I totally get it! If this person is you- if you are a plant murderer yet you still have the longing for greenery in your home- I’ve found an alternative that will have all of your guests completely fooled.

photo rights Cosy Culture Co©
photo rights Cosy Culture Co©

Nearly Naturals has the largest collection of faux greenery that I have ever seen– from flower arrangements to tropical plants to outdoor shrubbery, you name it and they have it. Personally I’m really drawn to tropical plants and the Nearly Naturals faux alternatives truly do look just like the plants I have here in my home, minus the upkeep!

tropical plants

Let’s start with the most popular indoor plant of 2020, the Fiddle Leaf Fig! These plants are so beautiful but so hard to keep alive, trust me. This alternative is an exact look-a-like!

There’s multiple species of the snake plant aka sansevieria. This one is probably my favourite!

Another popular house plant- the elephant ear palm. This one is so full and lush and I love the planter it comes with.

This big beautiful dieffenbachia makes a bold statement with lush leaves shooting off in every direction, making it the perfect entryway piece!

I just picked up one of these beautiful variegated rubber leaf plants from my local grocery store and it’s loving its new home, so far. Grab this one and you won’t know that difference!

Last but not least this cute little succulent that would look great on a side table or coffee table!


vining plants

One of my personal favourites- the potho’s! This one is vining and comes in a cute hanging planter!

English Ivy is a plant that I struggle to keep alive and have yet to figure out. This one is a lush alternative that also comes in a cute hanging planter.

This is arguably the most popular vining plant! It’s everywhere when it comes to social media but is an extremely fussy plant so the faux version is definitely my preference.

This wandering jew plant is so pretty with its unique bursts of purple on the underside of the leaves. Nature is so magical, isn’t it?

This Hoya also has beautiful bursts of colour but boasts pink instead of purple. I adore this plant but sadly haven’t had any luck keeping Hoya’s alive.

flower arrangements

Hydrangeas are my favourite flower! This arrangement is so full and beautiful with faux water at the bottom of the vase to really add realism.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also include this pink hydrangea arrangement!

Carnations are my birth flower! I love the way the colours intertwine and fade into each other on each petal. This arrangement would look great on a dining room table as a centre piece!

With Spring decorating on everyones minds, this lily arrangement is perfect for when it comes time to switch out your decor!

If you want to add a touch of elegance and glam to your home these roses are a high-end dupe and look stunning wherever you place them.


Okay guys, that’s it from me today! Let me know below if you’re a plant mama or a plant murderer LOL!


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