Sundaze // 01.24.21

Hi loves! I hope you’re all doing well🤍

I’m so ready to pause, sit down with a cup of coffee, and have a chit chat with you guys. These are some of my favourite posts because it allows me to connect with y’all [and vice versa] on a more personal level.

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a lot of exciting things that have brought positivity and more importantly motivation into fruition for me! I can’t wait to share these moments with you, alongside the crazy happenings that take place inside the McKay household that I think will make you laugh [or at least smile, lol]. Cosy up with me and let’s catch up!

Our little Penny is officially a women. Last weekend she went into heat and it’s been a long week of cleaning, I’ll tell ya that. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this because we were able to get Bella fixed before she experienced a heat. With the pandemic and everything being backlogged we haven’t had the same situation with Penny, but hopefully this is the one and only heat we’ll have to navigate through!

We finally got Crave and I regret not subscribing to it sooner! It has so many of our favourite throwback shows like 16 and pregnant, friends, and the Big Bang theory! It’s been so nice to have some thing else to watch other than the repetitious shows on Netflix.

We also spent much needed time finishing our master bedroom, it was the only room we really haven’t focused on decorating for some odd reason. It looks so great and I can’t wait to reveal it in a more detailed post!

Getting crave and making our room feel put together and cosy were definitely essentials for lockdown 2.0 here in Ontario that has been extended into February. We haven’t been effected too much but like everyone else we are patiently awaiting the vaccine to become available to the general public. I don’t even remember what a normal world feels like but I’m hopeful it’s within reach.

This year is the year of consistency and so far it’s been really rewarding, especially when it comes to social media and growth. I’ve been posting daily on my IG grid and within two weeks I went from around 400 followers to just over 900! I’ve also gained some new readers since implementing a concrete posting schedule, planning out my content ahead of time allows me to really focus on putting out quality content!

One of my goals is to become a full time blogger while I study for a new career and the process has been a learning curve but I’m starting to see some progress! I was finally accepted to WordAds which places ads on my blog and whenever it gains traction I earn commission! I want to thank everyone for reading my blog posts and supporting my goals by being okay with seeing some ads- you’re the reason why I do this!

A few other cool things I’ve started to do is incorporate hygge inspired home on a new IG account @hyggehomeaesthetic— an extension of Cosy Culture Co! All you have to do to be featured is use the hashtag #cosyculturehomes! I also post a lot of the decor that’s seen in these gorgeous homes on the Cosy Culture Home LTK! If you’re more into fashion and my everyday looks, follow my main LTK here.

In other happy news babe got her new car finally. The process with the insurance company took over a month [long story] and I’m so glad we can move on and no longer have to share a car! Some type of normalcy has been restored, despite the world still being weird, lol.

What have you guys been up to the past couple weeks?


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