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You know we’re all about decor at Cosy Culture Co because it truly is the pièce de résistance in making a house into a home. You can say so much with the accents you place around you home and there are endless directions you can take the styling. If you’ve been around this space long enough you’ll know that my favourite style when it comes to decorating is hands down scandi-hygge, a term I think I may have just coined. In one of my endless Pinterest scrolls I discovered Sagebrook Home and absolutely fell in love! They have every style from farmhouse and rustic to classic and modern! A little something for everyone and today I’m highlighting my favourite finds!

vases with dried lavender sprigs
Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

Sagebrook Home Favourite Finds

1 / Starting off with this farmhouse inspired wooden tray! It’s unique vertical pattern paired with the rustic metal and rope accents make it pop- the wood and rope elements bring a sense of warmth yet the coolness from the metal balances it out. This tray would look great on a kitchen counter or dining room table!

2 / I’m picturing a dark bookcase or built in cabinet with moody table books and on top of a stack this gorgeous metal armillary orb. Think about how beautiful this gold abstract piece would shine against a dark contrasting backdrop. Mega heart eyes.

3 / Going right along with the dark and moody theme, this ceramic face planter is bold but subtle and would look absolutely adorable with a vining plant such as a potho’s or philodendron!

4 / I’ve never seen anything like these tin & wood woven baskets but I am obsessed. I’m thinking about investing in this set for my office/crafting area, how cute would my yarn look in one of these?

5 / This Rattan tray has the biggest bohemian vibes! I love the aesthetic of the woven rattan and I’ve always been drawn to its light natural colour.

6 / This unique glass jar looks like it was made at the bottom of the ocean by mermaids and then delivered straight to Sagebook Home.

7 / This stark black bamboo lantern would look great as indoor or outdoor decor. Indoors this would look great among some candles at the hearth of your fireplace and outdoors it would make your patio feel nice and cosy.

8 / In honour of Valentines day next month I had to feature this metal wood tier heart wall shelf!

9 / Another must-have find for the rattan lovers! Have you ever seen anything as unique as this rattan globe? Imagine how gorg this would look in your home office, with the contrasting black stand.

10 / I’m all about my plants these days and giving them cute little homes- these wood metal square planter‘s are a perfect size, simple, and modern while also bringing a touch nature back into your home.

11 / This metal round mirror is held up with a beaded garland-like rope and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We have an identical circle mirror in our foyer [minus the beaded garland accent] and I am 100% swapping it out with this one.

12 / Definitely one of my favourite finds. This metal planter set can double as pottery and would look amazing with or without a cute lil’ plants. The thing that I love most about these planters is at first glance, it almost looks as though you are looking at a painting of a gorgeous forest scenery with the sky meeting the trees. Can you see it?

13 / Dough bowls have been a huge trend in kitchen decor the past year and is still going strong! It brings elements of warmth and hygge- if you’re lucky enough you can score one that’s vintage and has been well loved with history engrained in its surface.

14 / I love having fresh flowers in our home and over the years this has resulted in a full on vase collection- can’t stop won’t stop especially when I find ones like this twisted vase!

15 / Last but not least this super cute resin round swirls photo frame is small but has amazing detail and would look great on a dresser or side table.

I hope this post inspired you to grab one [or a few] of these cute decor finds! Happy shopping!

Talk soon loves xx

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