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Favourite Amazon Finds of 2020

Hey loves! I hope you’re doing well and are as excited as I am about todays post!

During 2020 I did an excessive amount of retail therapy, as I’m sure most of you can relate to. My Amazon Prime Membership basically pays for itself every month because that’s how much I utilize their services and how frequently I place orders! I took a deep dive through all of my purchases over last year and it turns out that 2020 brought tons of items that are now daily essentials that myself and my household can not live without!

women sitting on couch with laptop and credit card doing some online shopping
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

First up is a fashion find! These are my favourite leggings, they’re super comfortable with a stretchy work-out material and pockets! I love a good legging, but I love leggings with pockets even more.

This bluetooth smart scale is one of the coolest health and wellness finds of last year! Through an app in your phone the scale breaks down your weight into categories, so you can see what percentage is muscle, water, bone mass, etc. Plus it’s a extremely reasonable price and has a sleek modern design!

Another great health and wellness find! These exercise bands come in the cutest colours which coordinate with the strength of resistance. The best feature of these bands as opposed to others is the grip that it offers, so no matter what you’re wearing when you use them they won’t slip and slide around.

Last year I had to get a new laptop because my screen on my old one unfortunately bit the bullet. Although it was frustrating, the silver lining is that I got a brand new MacBook. The newest MacBooks don’t offer traditional USB ports, so I invested in this super small and sleek USB adapter!

Our home is [what I like to think] the definition of hygge; soft fuzzy blankets everywhere, fairy lights, and of course tons of candles. We were going through disposable lighters so quickly and it was a terrible waste. Enter this amazing rechargeable electric candle lighter! It’s the best investment and we use it every single day.

This is arguably my ultimate favourite amazon find from 2020. This drawer organizer [that’s also a Martha Stewart dupe] soothed my perfectionist soul and looks so nice in our silverware drawer.

When we got our Puppy, Penny, back in August we noticed she has a hard time pacing herself when it comes to eating [read inhaling] her food. Any fellow Boston terrier owners will know that this causes them to choke and ultimately could lead to their stomachs flipping. So we invested in these bowls for both of our girls and they work wonders!

These sticky tiles are really easy to use and make a statement wherever you choose to put them! Since Nate moved in with us [for those who are new here, Nate is my brother] we’re slowly transforming our girly guest room into something that’s more suitable for a 17 year old teenage boy. These worked perfectly to add a little unf until we can paint.

Tristan needed a new yearly/monthly planner for 2021 and of course the first place she looked was Amazon! She chose this one that has an adorable tropical pattern featuring monstera leaves.

These distressed mugs are so unique and totally fit my style aesthetic! They come in packs of four with lots of colour options- I have them in white, green, and yellow.

Last but not least this super handy outlet that ads additional outlets and also feature two USB ports so that you can put the bulky charging block in a drawer and forget about it!

I hope this post inspired you to grab one [or a few] of these great Amazon finds or to create your own compilation of Amazon buys/favourite from last year!

Talk soon loves xx

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