Sundaze // 01.10.20

Hi loves! I hope this post is finding you well.

The last time we sat down and got caught up together was at the beginning of December, so we are definitely overdue for a chit chat session! Grab a cuppa and cosy up with ya girl!

coffee and a treat with laptop on bed- flat lay image
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First things first, today is my 24th birthday! Another year around the sun and another year wiser. Today I’m spending the day with my people and my animals, relaxing and being thankful for all I have accomplished so far in this crazy lifetime! Here’s to turning 24!

Just before Christmas it was announced that the province of Ontario would be going into a 28 day lockdown commencing 12am December 26th, so we spent the couple of weeks before this happened to do all of our essential shopping.

This year was very different when it came to holiday festivities because gatherings were limited and everyone was preparing for lockdown 2.0- families didn’t have an opportunity to get together and Christmas was kept secluded to each individual household. Although it was nothing like the holiday season we usually experience, our household still had a very Merry Christmas!

Over the holidays we also got a ton of snow. It was so magical and really helped set the mood on Christmas Day- the snowflakes were so big, beautiful, and consistent. So consistent in fact it didn’t stop for a few days but it was honestly comforting knowing we didn’t have to go anywhere and could just enjoy being cozied up. By the time it was done everything was blanketed in a thick layer of snow and it was really picturesque.

Shortly after Christmas on the 31st came Bella’s fifth birthday! I can’t believe my fur baby is already five years old- time goes by way too fast.

my dog Bella

Another cool thing that happened was actually a total shock. I posted a reel on IG not thinking anything of it and I guess it just hit the algorithm at the right time because it blew up. This has only ever happened one other time to a video that I posted on TikTok so when my notifications starting going off non-stop for about an hour my mind was literally blown. People actually see what I post???? What??? So crazy.

screenshot of IG reel that went viral

Since Nate moved in with us [you can read that update here] we realized that we need more space to be able to live functionally. We started discussing the possibility of looking for something bigger but the idea of moving at this moment in time during a pandemic forced us to reconsider. Instead we decided to try to utilize the space we currently have a little better and the first thing we decided to look into is a sectional sofa as opposed to the set up we have now. Couch shopping is no joke especially because they typically aren’t cheap and rather feel like an investment, I’ll keep you guys posted on what we decide to get and exactly how we decided!

Last but not least some blog updates. If you’ve yet to notice for the past three years my blog posts were extremely sporadic and sometimes I would go a week straight posting everyday and then nothing at all for a month. Obviously the inconsistency wasn’t going to help me achieve my blogging goals and heading into this new year I decided to be a lot more organized. I officially have implemented a posting schedule you guys, I’m levelling up. From now on you can look forward to posts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and every other Sunday. Yay!

I’m so determined to make this year good and keep things flowing with positive vibes as I’m sure most of you are. Besides that- what have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments or in the private FB group!

That’s it that’s all loves, talk soon.


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