How to Stay Organized in 2021

Helllllo lovelies! I hope you’re all well and ready to take on 2021!

I know that many of us have struggled with our mental health in 2020- this year I’m doing everything that I can to keep a positive mindset and a factor that goes into that is feeling organized and put together.

Today I thought that I’d share some of the tools and strategies that I’m implementing in 2021 to keep myself on track and organized! I’m saying goodbye to my scatter brained ways while also keeping my expectations realistic which I think is very important. The less stress you put on yourself, the better. Let’s dive in!


Calendars are something I did use in the past but I didn’t use efficiently. I’d put things in my calendar on my phone and then simply forget about them. I would even set multiple reminders to alert me days and hours before an important event and often times the reminders wouldn’t pop up on my phone- thanks apple lol.

I prefer google calendar rather than the calendar that comes with iOS for multiple reasons but here’s the coolest features:

Not only did I make the switch to google calendar, I also have multiple calendars on the go; one on our fridge, the google calendar on my phone, and in my daily agenda. I found that having multiple places that remind me of appointments and my to-do lists is more beneficial than having one calendar with a ton of reminders. It’s also very convenient because no matter where I am I always have access to one of these three tools!

2021 calendar
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Lately going through my inboxes was such a chore because not only do I have multiple email accounts [on different platforms] but I was subscribed to a bunch of stores and newsletters I never read. The first thing I changed was how I viewed my emails and the second vital thing that I did was an inbox cleanse, unsubscribing to content that didn’t interest me anymore.

I don’t recall where I came across the brilliant little emailing app Spark but it has seriously been a game changer! The nifty app integrates all of your email accounts into one place and has a smart filter that sorts through your incoming emails and categorizes them based on the subtext. Whenever I open the app my emails from each account are categorized together depending on if it’s directly from a person, if it’s a notification from social or if its a subscription/newsletter!

Now that going through my emails doesn’t seem like a daunting task, I set aside an hour each day to read through each email and respond where necessary. I find that the hour before bed is my favourite time to do this- of course if I receive an email that’s pressing throughout the course of the day I will respond right away but typically it’s an end of the day task.

checking emails on a MacBook Air
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2020 taught me a lot about the value in needs vs wants. This really helped to shed light on my finances and the way I was spending money, as many I was unable to work during the global shut down and had to shop smarter not harder. A big change that we had to make as a household was making more meals at home as opposed to ordering out multiple times a week.

One of the tools that helped me break down where I needed to cut back my spending was the Mint app. It’s definitely the best budget app I’ve used to date and allows you to see your monthly spending habits as well as where you are spending the most and where you could afford to spend a little more. For me the fast food/take out category was over my budget multiple months in a row, where things like clothing were consistently under the monthly budget.


One of the most important things when it comes to organizing your social media content is planning ahead. When you know in advance what you want to put out there it makes it easier to stick to a schedule because you aren’t scrambling last minute trying to create content on the same day you want to post it- this often leads to content that isn’t quality.

What I’ve done is started to compile all of my content ideas into categorized lists for each social media platform. From there I go over each list, take the content I want to post and slot it into my agenda on scheduled dates. This has really helped when it comes to blogging and setting up a posting schedule which is something I’ve struggled to nail down in the past. Remember that when it comes to social media and putting out content, consistency is key.

cell phone with social media icons
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I hope you were able to take away some inspiration to get organized this year! Let’s all take a deep breath and reset, rework what didn’t work in 2020, and do the things that will help keep your mind right!

Talk soon loves


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8 responses to “How to Stay Organized in 2021”

  1. Great post Nicole! I actually spent the whole day trying to organize myself. Love the part about organizing socials. I am so bad at this! I’m pretty much on every platform doing everything and it’s time I just narrow it down haha. Thanks for sharing xo


  2. Some great ideas in this post Nicole. I’m usually pretty organised with my calendars and dates etc but my inbox is often swamped with junk so thanks for some really good ideas and apps that I will follow up.

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