2020 Highlight Reel

Hey friends 🙂

It’s amazing that although this year was the furthest thing from ideal when I look back there is many good things worth celebrating! Over the last 12 months there’s been at least one occurrence per month that brought some positivity and joy back into our lives, today I thought that I’d share those moments with you. Let’s do it!


This year kicked off with birthday celebrations! I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 10th and I got to pick up my new car on the same day. We celebrated my brothers 16th birthday on the 11th and the rest of the month went along as any other normal January.

2007 Ford Focus Sedan


At the beginning of February we moved into our nice new place! This was such a relief because not only were we majorly upgrading but we were getting away from our toxic landlords- see ya never!

Basement apartment living room
the living room on the day we moved in!


Quarantine/lockdown number one started during March and we definitely took advantage of it when it came to our new home. We did a ton of decorating and it was nice to be able to spend so much time with Tristan.

home office space


In April we celebrated Tristan’s 23rd birthday during lockdown. Even though we couldn’t go out to celebrate we still made the most of it and I did my best to make it as special as I could!

Nicole and Tristan celebrating Tristans 23rd birthday


This is the month that I jumped on the bandwagon and started buying plants. I had never been able to keep anything alive thus far but I figured quarantine was a good time to try and really learn about different plants and what they need to thrive.

small fiddle leaf fig plant


The weather started to warm up this month and we took advantage of it! When we moved into our new place in February we gained a gigantic backyard but because of the snow we couldn’t really do anything with it. When the nice weather came we started to make it a more welcoming space.

backyard landscape
this is before we painted and extended the garden fence


In July we spent more time on the backyard projects and I bought even more plants. We were also able to get out of the house and go on a little adventure to our local lavender field- it was a much needed day/date.

lavender farm field


In August we welcomed the cutest furry face into our family. Penny came home to us at just six weeks old and she was so tiny she basically fit into my hand. Eeeek I miss puppy days!

boston terrier puppy


September is now a month that will hold a very special place in my heart. On the 5th of this month the absolute love of my life asked to spend the rest of our lives together and proposed during the middle of a photoshoot! It was magical and I can not wait to be a wife!

lesbian couple engagement


My favourite month of the year was spent decorating for fall, picking up lots of pumpkins, and many bonfires! I ate way too many marshmallows and s’mores, no regrets.



We got into the holiday spirit really early this year and went to visit our local greenhouse that is always done up to the max in elaborate Christmas decor!

Nicole at Bradford Greenhouses


We spent the last month of the year eating yummy food, having tons of hot chocolate, and enjoying time to relax [as much as one could during the holiday madness] before going back to everyday pandemic life.

good things happen over coffee mug with Christmas tree and presents in background

What were the highlights of your year? I think it’s important to look back and recognize all of the good that has come out of a year we definitely did not see coming. It’s the little things that keep you going and remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay well + talk soon loves.


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