Growth & Bringing in the New Year

Hi love bugs! Happy NYE!

I genuinely like to keep this space a safe and positive space however, I’m sure we can all agree that this was the year that was sent straight from hell. Despite everyone’s high hopes for 2020 I know we are all looking forward to saying goodbye to this awful year and hoping for a better 2021.

This year has been a tough year on all of us but with it brought a lot of growth and within that I’ve found myself appreciating the small things even more than I did before. Let’s get back to the positive and remember the things that you’ve been able to take away from the struggles that you’ve faced these past 12 months! Here’s what I’m thankful for learning this year.

Peace the fuck out 2020, you won’t be missed

1 / Time

We often forget how fleeting time really is. You blink and your youth is a distant memory, your siblings have grown up it seems over night, and you’re starting your own family. I now realize how sudden things can change, in just one moment everything that you know and love could be different, gone, a memory– therefore every moment spent with someone that you love is beyond precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

2 / Health

Being healthy is something that I know personally I often take for granted. I rarely fall ill and when I do I don’t have to seek medical help to get better, my body can [usually] handle it on its own. Knowing that people were falling ill that are young, healthy, or otherwise un-compromised was not only a terrifying thought but it made me realize that everyday we get to experience this life is a blessing.

3 / Possessions

During the pandemic I learned a hard lesson about what it means to want something versus need something. Like many I was not able to work during the province wide lock-down and I really had to cut back on spending money where I didn’t need to be spending it. It takes so little effort to plan meals ahead to avoid takeout during the week [which is one of my biggest guilty pleasures] especially when you shop smarter not harder and hit the sales at the grocery stores. When I do buy a want item I implement the bring something into the house/your wardrobe and get rid of something else in its place strategy and so far it’s been extremely helpful when it comes to my wardrobe!

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Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2021…

#1 – bringing this blog to the next level!
#2 – working on my next career move
#3 – planning our wedding
#4 – more self love baby
#5 – possibly moving to a bigger home

For this coming year, I am hopeful. I am holding out for the light at the end of the tunnel that was and is 2020 and I hope you are too.


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4 responses to “Growth & Bringing in the New Year”

  1. These are some great things to have learned in from last year. I definitely learned to appreciate my loved ones even more as well as the little things in life and my carbon footprint on this planet. You have set some great goals and focuses for this year. Happy new year, I hope this year is an amazing and successful one for you. Hopefully this year will be a lot safer and happier for us all. Thank you for sharing.


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