Matching Case Accessories for your iPhone and AirPods!

Hi everyone! I hope this post is finding you well and in bright spirits.

I don’t know about you but I love when my accessories match, especially when it comes to my electronics! I’m an Apple girl through and through so I love that Ideal of Sweden makes cases that coordinate with both my iPhone and my AirPods. They also have charging pads, power banks, and charging cords that match whatever pattern you like the most! I like this because no longer do all the chargers in my house look the same– no one can go stealing each others! If you’re an android lover they didn’t forget about you! They have a range of phone cases to choose from that will fit most Galaxy devices as well.

Here’s some of my favourite combinations from Ideal of Sweden!

phone case | airpod case | charging pad | cord | power bank

This combination of Carrara gold is really chic but subtle. I’m a huge fan of the marble look and of course the gold makes the white pop.

phone case | airpod case | charging pad | cord | power bank

This combination is for my fellow pink lovers! Again it’s accented with a gorgeous gold and that classic marble look.

phone case | airpod case | charging pad | cord | power bank

This one is definitely my favourite! I love the accents of gold flakes and the greys mixed with the creams fit my aesthetic perfectly.

phone case | airpod case | charging pad | cord | power bank

This combination is more out of the box in terms of colour but nevertheless still flattering as hell. The colour is a gorgeous shade of turquoise mixed with a dull gold and popping white.

How fab are these accessory combo’s??? It’s hard to pick which design to go with because there’s so many that are love at first sight. Ideal of Sweden accessories are great to get for yourself, your significant other, friends, or family. It can be a stocking stuffer or you can wrap each one individually so each time they open an additional matching accessory it’s a cute little surprise.

Right now you can also save 15% off on any purchase with the code IDEALxRSTYLE and well as free shipping!

What combo is your favourite??


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