Sundaze // 11.15.20

Hey hey friends! How crazy is it that we’re already into the third week of November?!

Holiday season is seriously creeping up and I’ve been so occupied over the past two weeks creating new items for the Etsy shop to fill your stockings! I’m super excited about growing my small business and if you were wondering where I’ve been these past weeks, I was totally stuck in my craft space.

Nevertheless I’m here, I’m free and giving you 100% of my undivided attention! Grab a cuppa & curl up for a catch up this is gonna be a long one🤍

We picked a wedding date! Eeeeekkkk! Since our engagement in September we’ve been talking about when we want to get married ever since but we’ve officially decided on a fall wedding.

I’ve always wanted a fall wedding because it’s my favourite season and I love the colour themes of autumn. We chose October 4th because it’s the peak of fall season while also being the 10th month representing my birthday and the 4th representing Tristan birthday.

Getting married in October would also line up our three anniversaries month wise; August 2017 we got together, September 2020 engaged, and October 2021 married!!!!

We picked up a Christmas tree! It’s pretty exciting because it’s Tristan & I’s first Christmas tree together and we got it for a really great price!

Originally I picked up a Christmas tree with faux frosting that’s pre-lit and it was super white, I loved it but Tristan wasn’t a huge fan so we exchanged it for a traditional green tree that’s also pre-lit. It’s a wee lil guy at 4 feet but perfect for the two of us and the space that we live!

We both prefer our “main” Christmas tree to be faux and while we also have a bunch of faux mini trees as well this year I’d love to decorate with some fresh greenery.

This is the tree that I got if you want the same one for $34 at Walmart!

Penny had her first snow fall and it was the cutest thing. It was a small amount of snow that didn’t stick around but oh lord was she just so excited.

Eating it, bouncing around in it, just having a good ass time in her adorable sweater. We had to convince her to come inside because she was so happy!

I’ve organized the house… a lot. We have tons of storage in our home which is amazing but the storage closets often look like a tornado went through them. I’ve really been focusing on organizing everything so that everything has a home and we don’t continuously get frustrated searching for things. The worst.

I have a gigantic wish list of organizational products that will slowly make its way into my home! Everything from tote bins, drawer dividers, and storage containers to shelves and desk top accessories.

If you have any organizing tips or tricks please send them my way, ya girl lives for this stuff.

December is right around the corner and that means so is Blogmas! I genuinely love the blogging atmosphere during the holidays and when it comes to both reading and writing Blogmas posts.

I’m sure my readers who have blogs and participate in Blogmas, are working their tails off preparing for the Christmas themed posts- as am I!

I really enjoy making gift guides and there will still be plenty sprinkled in through out the next two months but this year I’m focusing on splitting up the gift guides with more organic content!

The highlight of the last few weeks was opening my email and seeing that I got invited to be an influencer on the LIKETOKNOW.IT platform!

I’ve been really proud of the content and consistency that has gone into the blog this year and at times it feels like there’s not a single soul who cares to read or click what you post. Being invited to rewards style just reassured me that I’m on the right track and doing what I’m meant to be doing! The universe works in wonderful wonderful ways.

That’s all she wrote my loves! I hope our time between catch-ups has treated you well! Talk soon.


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7 responses to “Sundaze // 11.15.20”

  1. An upcoming fall wedding? So exciting. The two of you must be feeling blissful right now. Glad you could decide on a date x

    I can’t wait to see your Blogmas posts. I don’t usually participate but love soaking up that festive energy nonetheless!

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