Oh Sundaze

Hello loves!

Can you believe that we are halfway through August? Soon those short sleeves and sunglasses will be swapped for cozy sweaters and scarves! I for one can not wait, I absolutely live for the autumn weather and it’s been super chilly the past few days here in Ontario.

Little update to the blog though because I’m totally scrapping the Coffee Convo’s series and instead replacing it with these cute weekly updates called Oh Sundaze. The purpose of Coffee Convo’s was to just be able to chat with all you lovely babes, but honestly it felt too forced and too structured for the purpose I wanted it to serve. I hope this will fix that problem and keep you all satisfied! These types of posts are some of my absolute favourite blog posts to read, so I’m very excited to be able to do it as well!

This past week was on the slower end of things, I had work all week and we didn’t end up doing much in-between but sometimes that’s what we need- to just slow down and not do a single thing we don’t have to do. Am I right?

On Monday I dove into my scrapbook and created some really cute spreads! I’ve been on Pinterest much more than I’d like to admit lately just admiring others beautiful junk journals/scrapbooks and drawing so much inspiration. I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole a few dozen times on TikTok watching super creative people piece together their spreads, it’s so weirdly therapeutic.

I scored two new plants this past week, one of them being a wish list plant for $6!!!! If you’re a plant queen [self proclaimed] like myself you’ll understand when I exclaim excitement over finding a baby Banana Leaf for six freakin’ dollars. I also got this super cute succulent that loves to vine, vining plants are definitely one of my favourites because they tend to be very easy and just love to thrive.

Of course it wouldn’t be a weekly update without a pupdate! Penny has almost doubled in size since we first brought her home and although we think she gets cuter everyday we wish she would stay our little baby forever.

She has started to become more curious and now has to wear a harness and lead most of the time when we’re outside because Mommies have already had to chase her cute little butt halfway down our street. She is getting along great with Bella and our cat Bean has really warmed up to her as well which is a relief because he was terrified of her at first, which is hilarious because she was literally 2 pounds of nothing.

On Saturday I did a DIY that could have been risk-aayy but turned out amazing. I’ve been wanting eyelash extensions for a while now but unfortunately I’m allergic to latex and a lot of salons in my area use glue that contain latex. After loads and loads of research I decided that I was going to do my own eyelash extensions because then I knew I was using latex free glue and it’s way more cost friendly!

I used the Ardell lash starter kit which comes with everything you need: glue, individual lash clusters, tweezers, and lash remover. It definitely takes some finessing and patience when it comes to application but once you find your rhythm it’s super easy.

What were you up to this past week?? Let me know the highlight in the comment section!


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