Coffee Convos: update on the daily chaos

Helllllo everyone!

I hope this post is finding you well, and that you’re all doing lovely. If you’re new here I’m Nicole and Coffee Convos is where you’ll find all my ramblings, thoughts, and updates on whats been going on in this crazy life of mine- its basically unscripted, if you will.

For those of you who are returning, welcome back! Cozy on up with a cuppa and settle in for a catch up with yours truly.

Settling in

Since the last coffee convos post we actually moved into our new home! We are so excited and happy with it, and are over the moon about how much we upgraded.

We moved in on January 30th (wow almost a month already!) and ever since we’ve slowly been settling in more and more, putting more and more on the walls and buying more furniture pieces. Whoever said Rome wasn’t built in a day was right, I never thought that I would still be decorating nearly a month after moving in!

We’re taking our time to really pick out furniture and decor pieces that work with the space, as well as spread out the expense of decorating the entire place at once. So far its been going great but I’m eager to declare when the apartment is fully settled so that I can give you all a home tour!

email subscription

In case you missed my announcement on social media, let’s catch up about my new email subscription list.

Since I have so many things on the go constantly from social media to the blog to the Etsy shop- it gets a little wild to keep up with sometimes on my end let alone yours! I thought that it would be easier to catch you up with what I’ve been up to on the interweb with weekly email updates!

The email structure will obviously be loose and depend on the content that I post weekly, but it will include:

If you’d like to subscribe to the email list click HERE.

stepping up my ig game

Thanks to many of the amazing bloggers that I follow sharing their tips and tricks for IG, I feel like I’ve been able to take my posts to the next level. My editing has gotten a lot better and I’m trying to stay within the same colour scheme, but that ones still a work in progress.

I’ve made a lot of head way when it comes to consistency on IG, if I don’t post on the grid I’m always posting stories! When it comes to the grid I make sure that I’ve been posting at least once weekly for the past couple of weeks and to my surprise the views to my page have gone up by 15%.

I’m going to continue to put in a daily effort to check in with IG, whether that means posting or commenting on others posts- because thats just as important. Hopefully we’ll see my following continue to grow and my content get more creative with each post.

Five and a half years!

As of February 17th, Tristan and I have officially been together for five and a half years! I can’t believe that it’s almost been six years, it’s true when they say that time flies when you’re in love with your best friend ♡

blogging goals

This year I really vowed to give my all to blogging and lately I’ve been able to outline some goals that I think are totally tangible.

+ beat my all time views per month from last year

+ raise my following

+ post a least two blog posts weekly

I have very high hopes that I’ll be able to reach all these goals- in fact I’m already seeing progress with my all time views goal!



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