PHAt Glow Facial VoxBox— review

ℹ︎ this product was provided complimentary from Influenster to test out and review, all opinions and suggestions are purely my own

I’m back with another Voxbox review from Influenster! This time it’s a product that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with and can say without a doubt has a positive impact on my skin.

The Olehenriksen PHAt Glow Facial is the one step facial routine you need to have in your life.

Olehenriksen PHAt glow facial
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Here’s the specs straight from Olehenriksen:

Get flawless skin in a flash with PHAs, the no-downtime exfoliating acid and key ingredient in Ole’s first one-step at-home facial. What makes PHAs so special? They’re fat, literally. Like AHAs, PHAs deliver skin-perfecting, age-fighting results, but PHAs are just a little “plumper.” They’re a bigger molecule, so they don’t go as deep as they loosen up the “glue” that binds the surface layer of skin together, and reveal the newer, fresher skin underneath. That means less irritation and recovery time for everyone—even sensitive types.

My thoughts

First of all I want to start by saying, how cleaver is the name of the product? PHAt Glow Facial- PHAt pointing out the fact that it has magical PHA’s in the formula. I love it.

Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of face masks, mainly because I never see results with the ones that I’ve tried thus far. The PHAt Glow Facial has completely changed my standpoint, and I’m glad to finally say I’ve found a face mask/facial that I can see positive results.

Just after one use my skin looked radiant and had a gorgeous glow! I couldn’t believe how much it evened my skin tone, something that I strive for on the daily.

The product itself has such a lovely scent, it’s citrus-y and crisp, which I always associate with smelling clean. It’s also such a pretty colour! The product comes out of the container a pretty pink colour, and as you work it into the skin it turns white.

The fact that you have to work the product into the skin isn’t something I’m used to when it comes to a mask but I guess that’s what differentiates a mask and a facial! I actually loved this aspect, I got a little face massage with my facial!

olehenriksen phat glow facial

After I apply the product I set a 15 minute timer on my phone, that’s what the recommended time is for the facial to do its thing.

The product is light weight and not hard drying but extremely sticky, I suggest wearing a head band or tying your hair up before you apply!

My skin always looks visibly smoother, softer to touch, and supple & healthy after every use and up until the next application- which is twice weekly.

olehenriksen phat glow facial

The PHAt Glow Facial by Olehenriksen has definitely become a staple in my skin care routine. With 50ML and only having to use a single pump for my entire face I can see this facial lasting me for quite a while which makes the $49.99 price tag worth it.

What do you think of the PHAt Glow Facial by Olehenriksen? Is it something you’re interested in trying?



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