black wire basket with books beside gold tea cup set and plant

Popular Home Decor Trends

Since moving into a new house this past February, all I’ve been thinking about is home decor. I have been obsessed with finding the trendiest items that I can utilize while currently living here but also take with me when my girlfriend and I get our own place.

My room is really coming along, and I’m happy with how everything is looking- it just needs a few more finishing touches and when that gets done (eventually) I would love to do a room tour for you guys!

black wire basket with books beside gold tea cup set and plant
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders bring an element of comfort to your area, despite the fact that blankets make anything feel cozy, I never thought that they would also make a great home decor item until now.

I find that blanket ladders also bring a rustic feel to the space, they have a real country side vibe. It’s such a simple yet adorable accent that is also super functional! Storing your throws has never been more aesthetically pleasing.

Shop blanket ladders here! Or grab this one from Amazon!



Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because there is a ton of variety when it comes to what look you want to go for. Among the dozens of styles you can chose from some of my favourites are corner shelves, rustic wood shelves, and boho themed shelves that feature different shapes. Floating shelves are also a great space saver for those who don’t have room for a full sized shelving unit.

Shelves are one of those decor pieces that will always be really easy to style. On my shelves I always have picture frames, plants, and little knickknacks- I also have a cute little light that I scored from the dollar store! Style it to your preference, or even use it to simply store your books!

Shop Rustic Wall Mounted Floating Shelves! OR these super modern Reed Floating Shelves from Pottery Barn.


Hanging Shelves

Much like floating shelves, hanging shelves also come in a variety of different styles and are great space savers! The only major difference is that these shelves don’t appear to be floating, you can physically see what hardware is used to install them to the wall.

I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to see the hardware when I can buy a floating shelf and hide it? Hanging shelves have such an aesthetically pleasing value when you chose the right one- they are more commonly being made with hardware that is easy on the eyes such as leather (for all my animal lovers out there make sure it’s faux!), rope, or wire.

Rustic Set of 2 Wooden Floating Shelves with String on Amazon! OR shop this shelf (similar to the first photo) Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves also on Amazon!


Belly Baskets

You’ve probably seen this specific type of woven baskets before (especially with its growing popularity) but are you surprised at the cute name? Belly baskets have a unique shape that some people say resembles a full tummy- thus giving it the name.

I love versatile products that I can find many uses for and these baskets can handle many jobs! I’ve seen them as plant holders, laundry baskets, nursery room organizers, blanket storage, you name it! On top of that they are so adorable, and if you’re someone who likes to DIY it’s a perfect project to paint or spruce up to add a personal touch.

Grab a cute belly basket for only $26.99! OR grab this one for $18.99 if you’re a prime member!



Macrame, or wall hangings, have become increasingly popular over the last few years- partly because they are freakin’ adorable, and partly because the small business world is booming! Supporting local and small business owners has never been more of a thing these days, and a lot of the beautiful macrame you see circulating is handmade!

I find that it adds just the right amount of boho to any area in your home, and it also looks good in any area of your home!

Support small business’ and browse for some Macrame on Etsy!



Who knew that trays could be so trendy? I often see them being used for storage, mixed in which a couple of knickknacks and honestly there is just something so aesthetically pleasing about that. They are also commonly used specifically for several decor pieces to create a focal point in the room. Either way it’s used, I’m here for it and loving it.

Shop a variety of decorative trays by Bed, Bath, and Beyond!


That’s all I have for popular decor items (for now), if you like this post and want to see more in the future make sure to leave a comment letting me know!

What was your favourite item listed in this post?!


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15 responses to “Popular Home Decor Trends”

  1. Ooh, I love all of these!! I’m also someone who’s addicted to HGTV shows, lol, and I’m constantly pinning home decor images on Pinterest. These ideas are great! Both floating shelves and hanging shelves are beautiful, with different purposes. I think hanging shelves would probably be the easier to hang, even over traditional, but then again I haven’t tried them myself. 😉

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  2. Looking through this I was afraid you’d ask for my favourite at the end! I honestly can’t decide. Between all the shelves, the hanging shelf was the best balance between the two floating shelves. The hexagonal floating shelves were the prettiest but least practical and the regular floating shelves were maybe a little boring. I loved that ladder as well!

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